Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reflection on Tribe - Week three

I like the article of Marcel because he believes in unity and a group. He sounds that he loves the word tribe. He shows us that tribes can help a lot in terms of life. Activities among the tribe, members of the tribe help each other, come up with ideas, exchange thoughts and start the activity. Each person has an idea to be taken. When they start the activity they can guarantee the activity will be gone smoothly. Another issue that he raises is the word joy. Another point I got form the article is the idea of strengthening a good relationship. Social issues was raised and its importance among tribes. I also enjoy reading “Six Reasons Why it’s Important to find Your Tribe” by Beth Cougher Bloom. She mentions the importance of tribe and how much help do the tribes give to its people. You can go back to your tribe in good times and bad times. Your tribe can understand you and feel you. Being with people whom you love makes you healthy and powerful enough to do whatever you want.
What I like most about this article is when she ends it with “Enjoy the beauty of hopping”.
I went over the Element by Dr. Ken Robinson and I enjoy reading it. He mentioned a lot of points or titles, like the element, thinking difficulty and beyond imagining. I went thoroughly over the element and thinking differently, beyond imagining. He said that we have to create a suitable environment in our schools, in our work places and in our public offices – where every person inspired to grow creatively.
Once you find your element, you can do a lot you can do a lot you can create useful ideas, apply difficult techniques in education and manage to pursue your life happily.
Another interesting video is by Seth Godin “The Tribe We Lead”. He presents Tribes as a group of people who work in different fields, like computer field, leaders, a sheep walker, the Beatles, people in general, athletes, etc. All this community leads and makes change. Communication should be made and we have to lead a group of people. You have to lead a group of people to have an issue or a case to fight for and challenge the status quo and build a culture a secret language. Curiosity and creativity is still remains while playing.
Without tribes we wouldn’t get such fruitful resources and rich communication with the experienced participants. I offer my deep gratitude to the authors of the books I read this week and I thank the moderators.

A Wonderful Tour I had with my Students


One Thursday morning, my class and I went walking to Bab Al-Yemen. It is an ancient place where you can buy silver, gold, antiques, traditional clothes, and other traditional stuff. You can also see ancient buildings. We walked around the place and see the old market, had a chat in English. We described the buildings, people, the antiques and the streets. We had fun, had breakfast, which is Kebab, Yogurt, bread and tea. Then we drank grapes juice. Then after the breakfast we walked for an hour then we went to the swimming pool, we swam till the mid day. Finally this English open day ended. We felt great and thankful to each other because we had fun and practiced our English. Finally I asked my students to write a descriptive essay talking about this day and to write their suggestions on having other similar activity next time.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Second Week Reflection on Play

The time I hear the word play, it come to my mind the word learning through fun. Play is the word that most students look for. The word plays picture a big valley with beautiful trees flowers and water. This is the base for our students to learn and acquire the language. We teachers have to plan, organize and prepare the suitable lesson plan for conducting a game in or out of the classroom. A game should have an aim and a target to be achieved by the end of the lesson.
In the beginning of the week I watched the Google hangout and I found it fruitful regarding games. The guest started the hangout with nice humor and attracts the participants well. They played with the guest, they share ideas, they ask questions and they did a lot of activities. The guest did his best to get the audience engaged in his session. It is an excellent way to attract learners.
Having fun and guiding the students to be creative an curious through games and different plays in and out of the class need a lot of effort by the teacher. A bright theory to be used wisely. Students and teachers should have fun during the learning and teaching process. This week is great because I learn from the participants and the moderators. I got a lot of ideas regarding paly and fun in the classroom. I learn how the mind will be affected directly and will be shaped because of the application of games and plays. The children and students usually beg for games in and out of the class. They would love to keep playing. The prospective will be applied for teachers. Teachers have fun when they play. Most of us like playing to get rid of stress and troubles we face in life.
I also read James E Johnson article and I find it interesting. What I like about the article is the way he mixed the two words play and creativity. He gave me a clear picture describing the two terms. He used very strong and supportive words such as: dilemma of socialization – constructivism epistemology – linchpins – play ecology. Another point I like about this article when he talks or merge play with art, drama, language use, and human action. He also talks more about creativity and the way that creative people feel. He said that personal traits have been structured in relation to creativity. He says “Play in a two edge sword” “While play is life affirming it is not necessarily a positive force for creativity.
I watched several videos for example,, Play is more than fun” when we hear the fun, we feel relaxed and ready to do whatever we are asked to get involved in any activity. Another video I watched that strikes me is by Tim Brown, Tales of Creativity and Play. I love the title because it makes creativity and play as an interesting story to retold by the students. The speaker also mentions great ideas and beneficial thoughts.
Finally I impressed by all the ideas I gain from week two. I do thank everybody who supports the success and creativity that I find in week two.