Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Message To All

What I like about you is you!! What I like about you is your way of enlightening and strengthening the different tools in the course, especially the nicenet discussion. Your way of presenting and replying to each other’s posts makes me realize the importance of your presence in this course. You have this hidden power in your souls that force people to bow when they see you passing by like a white cloud in the sky flying here and there. I am astonished by the amount of knowledge that you have. Your power of critical thinking style is amazingly pictured by your highly respected approach of communicating with each other. I do feel sorry that this course is about to finish and I didn’t use every minute to participate. I feel after this course I will lose the opportunity of learning and getting new ideas, values and insights regarding my career and my daily life. I learn a lot from everybody in this course. I learn care, knowledge, critical thinking, organization, power, modesty, perseverance and cooperation. I have this feeling that your great and valuable contribution to the course. This course is unique and outstanding. I wish that this course would last longer. Now it is time to talk about the main source of this program the respectable, rich, knowledgeable, bright, super, and marvelous instructors. Their great help makes us all become one team and work to support each other. One major role in making this course superior is the wonderful instructors, Jodi, Sheire, Sean, and Jeff. I won’t forget the University of Oregon and its staff. I would love to delicate these words to all of you and I hope you will enjoy reading them. This is a simple try expressing how I feel: Interactive, super and applicable Superior, fruitful, and understandable Great, marvelous and reliable Magnificent, perseverance, and lovable Perfect, competitive, and adorable Curious, charming, and agreeable Encouraging, energetic, and flexible Awesome, great, and incredible Thankful, innocent and sensible Grateful, helpful, and predictable Stunning, trustworthy, and sociable Courageous, generous and hospitable Attractive, bashful, and visible Cautious, delighted and workable During this course I experience pleasant characters and personalities. I know different abilities; brilliant minds super, powerful people. This helps me understand the different techniques you use in all your work and writing. I believe that every single participant will end up with a noble work. No one will forget the different activities we did during the course. If I had the chance, I would write a sonnet about the course and its participants. Allow me dear instructors and participants to tell you that words can’t really convey my deepest feeling towards you all. I am sorry that I keep you reading my vanishing words. Saying goodbye is something sad and painful to all. Saying see you again or communicating with you again are other hopeful and may be painful words. This is life and no one can control it, none can change its direction or its plan. When there is an end to a movie, there is an end to our course. I think that we can keep in touch by using our blogs, nicenet, ANVILL or emails. It’s a good idea that we keep in touch talking about some technical problems regarding teaching and other classroom interactions. This will be a great opportunity to keep in touch and have a follow up for the course. I know people are busy with their own business. I am sure that if people plan themselves they can do it. They can spend some time communicating with each other. Thank you Sheire, Thank you Jodi, Thank you Sean and Thank you Jeff , Thank you participants and thank you to all who help making this course a success. Yours Abdulsalam Al-Mukardi Yemen Date: 4/3/2012