Saturday, November 8, 2014

This week is unique and beneficial. Although it is packed with lots of work and activities, I enjoyed myself learning, communicating and analyzing different matters shown in the materials given this week. I will start taking about the videos. I watched some videos, I watched a video about Failure by Alastair talking about the word failure. Another video I watched by Danalaf talking about how to learn? I like all the video and I have a plan to use some of them in my classrooms and for the workshops I am going to deliver to the teacher in my institution. What I like most is Positive Failure by Edward. I like the idea of talking about positive failure. Failing to learn is really an attractive title for an article. Another striking title from the same book is Failing to Fail. That’s a super title for me. Failing to fail is an issue that most people try to do their best to succeed. When you fail to fail is smoothing positive and we try our best to achieve success. I mention in my previous posts that failure is a must but we have to learn from our failure and make it a positive one. Another bright idea I experienced this week is the Forward where I write about my experience in failure and How I dealt with the situation. It’s obvious that people failure every second, and minute we become curious, creative and playful. To tell you the truth failure is a dream that can come true. Another title that strikes me is Stop Cursing, Start Celebrating or start enjoying our success in failure and prove to all that we experience different situations either positive or negative. As a result, we end up with magnificent ideas and applicable theories that help our students, teachers and educators. The following words may tell everyone that Failure is a word that we have to experience or face every minute. Fail ⇒ Learn ⇒ Fail ⇒ Create Fail ⇒ Crave ⇒ Fail ⇒ Be curious Fail ⇒innovate ⇒ Fail ⇒ Inspire Fail ⇒ communicate ⇒ Fail ⇒ Exchange Fail ⇒ Success ⇒ Fail ⇒ Success  Now I am going to move to another useful ideas the participation got is the discussion boards. I learn a lot and I know more techniques and theories from the moderators and the participants.