Friday, February 7, 2014

Never Give Up

      I am going to write about some people's stories . People who are not give up under any of the situation that face them. And  they continue their live. We must not give up we must solve our problems.
     First story is about Natalie, the swimmer who lost a leg. Natalie du Toit, the South African swimmer. She was only seventeen when she lost her leg in a car accident . She was going to a training session at the swimming pool on her motorcycle when a car hit her. Her leg had to be amputated at the knee. At the time, she was one of South Africa's most promising young swimmers. Everybody thought that she would never be able to swim competitively again.
     But Natalie was determined to persevere. She went back into the pool only three months after the accident. And just one year later, at the Commonwealth games in Manchester, she swam  800 meters in 9 minutes 11.38 seconds and qualified for the final- but not for disabled swimmers, for able boded ones. Although she didn't win a medal, she still made history.
     " I remember how thrilled I was the first time that I swam after recovering from the operation. It felt like my leg was there. It still does". Says Natalie " the water is the gift that give me back my leg. I am still the same person I was before the accident. I believe everything happen in life for a reason. You can't go back and change anything. Swimming was my life and still is. My dream is to swim faster than I did before the accident.
      The second story is about Bethany, the surfer who lost an arm. Bethany Hamilton was the best girl surfer of her age when she lost an arm in a shark attack. She was only thirteen years old and was surfing in Hawaii when a tiger shark attacked her and tore off her left arm. It happened so fast she didn't even scream.
     But Bethany was determined to get back on a surfboard as soon as possible. As soon as she left the hospital, she began practicing her surfing exercises on the beach. Everyone was amazed to see her surfing so soon after her accident. Incredibly, she finished 5th at the National Surfing Championship.
      " the first time I went back into the water , I was so happy I cried" she said." It was easier than I thought. But obviously it's much more difficult than with both arms, and I have to accept I'll probably never be world champion, which used to be my dream."
     Since then, Bethany has signed a contract with Rip Curl and has written a book about her experience, which has been made into a movie. "I always dream of the ocean"   she says ,     " when you surf a wave, it's like walking on water, and when you're in the air, it's like flying,"
     To conclude, we must not give up easily. We must believe that Allah will support us. And if we fell in any problem or any difficult situation we should not give up we should solve it. " live is wonderful just understand it".            

Apple or Samsung Mobile

Description: 20131225_074254-1-1.jpgAkram Al-sharabi
Yemen Customs-Sana'a Airport
Manifest Manager
30 Jun 2014

From my point of view there are many factors affecting whether  to choose an IPhone mobile from  Apple company ,American company and the famous one in touching screen, or Galaxy mobile from Samsung company , pioneer  Korean company. I think the main factors are which one is easy to use, more interesting ,functional and price.
Although the two products have the same touch screen technology and all of them are smart phones but there are a lot differences of how to use it .I think Galaxy is easier than IPhone because the first one have some indirect keys .For example with Galaxy mobile you can answer any call by just getting it closer to your ear .Other example, with Galaxy mobile if you get any call and you want to make it silent, just touch it smoothly.
Other factor which it is important to compare is which one more  interesting than other .I think the most thing which made the Galaxy mobile is more interesting ,is it's applications .With Android operation system which used for it ,Galaxy has open source operating system and there are more then 200,000 programmer around the world develop it's applications while ,on the other side there are only 4,000 programmer for IPhone development.
Some people made some tests to choose which one is more functional than the other .They found the same results and almost the same quality ,but when they compared the  quality relative to the price of each one, they decided to choose Galaxy mobile because it cheaper then IPhone mobile.
Indeed , depending on your idea you can choose which one is the best .But  in my opinion ,if you want more easy and more interesting mobile ,you must choose Galaxy mobile from Samsung.

The story of Haj
Ten years ago I wanted to visit Makkah for Haj or Omra so saved money and told all my uncles that I will go with any one will go. I have waited for two years. Suddenly I got chance, to go to Makkah , from Ministry of Education with less price than other, I feel very happy .i went home to tell my family that news. My mother thought about that and decided to go with my oldest brother and the two oldest sisters and I had to stay at home with my father and little brothers so I feel sad and slept with crying eyes. In the morning I accepted my mother’s decision and gave them their passports.
After only two days my oldest uncle came and asked about me, and tolled me that he will go for Haj and he wanted me to go with him .I feel so happy and remember what prophet  Mohammed said( Who left some thing for Allah, Allah will give him thing that is better than)
At the same year my family went for Omra and I went for Haj.
( Thank Allah, Thank my parents, Thank my uncle and Thank all who help me )